Pediatric Dentistry

Good dental care is always essential, but it’s particularly important for children whose teeth are still developing. At ProSmiles, nothing makes us happier than to see the brilliant smiles of our youngest patients, and we want to do everything we can to make their earliest dental experiences positive. Children of all ages are welcome at our dental office; call us today for children’s dentistry in Garland, TX if it has been at least six months since your little one’s last appointment. If you don’t have dental insurance, our in-house membership plan can help your entire family receive the quality dental care that they deserve! 

Why Choose ProSmiles For Children’s Dentistry?

  • A Team of Caring Experts & Parents
  • Orthodontic Care is Available In-House
  • Most Major Insurances are Accepted

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Your child’s dental needs will change as they grow older, and we will tailor their routine checkups to reflect that. We will also take the steps necessary to keep them as comfortable as possible throughout their visit so that they can stay relaxed. As your child grows, you’ll notice that their appointments will start to look more like their own. We’ll also discuss developmental issues, like whether or not they might need braces to correct an overbite.

Dental Sealants

Your children are still learning how to brush their teeth; as such, there are many spots that they are likely to overlook during their oral hygiene routine. The molars near the back of the mouth can be especially problematic since they’re filled with deeply grooved surfaces that can be hard to clean. These grooves can be protected with a thin layer of composite resin known as a dental sealant, which can easily be placed on your child’s molars once they erupt. Dental sealants last for many years, and during that time your child will enjoy a significantly decreased risk of cavities.

Orthodontic Screenings

Orthodontic screenings are performed when your child’s mouth enters a certain developmental stage, typically around age seven. At this point, spacing and alignment issues can be identified, and early action can be taken to treat them before they turn into more complex issues. Keep in mind that there are cases of children needing orthodontic intervention earlier than age 7 if there are signs of crooked teeth or unbalanced bites, as that could indicate a serious issue that could arise in the near future.

Teen Dentistry

Oral healthcare is not a top priority for many teenagers, which is precisely why it’s so important for you, as a parent, to make sure they have access to the high-quality oral health care that they’ll need to keep their winning smiles when they head off to college. Our team can offer your teen plenty of tips for taking care of their teeth at home. Also, older teens who need orthodontic correction but don’t want to wear braces to school may be interested in clear aligner treatments such as Invisalign or ClearCorrect.

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