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Some dentists will settle for treating cavities and gum disease as they develop. Our dentists at ProSmiles, on the other hand, firmly believe that it is better to avoid these issues altogether so that you can keep enjoying your natural smile for the rest of your life. The various options for general dentistry in Garland, TX explained on this page are dedicated to catching minor dental issues as early as possible so that they can be treated more easily. Not only is this better for your smile in the long run, but it will ultimately mean spending less time at the dental office and saving money on potentially complex dental procedures.

Why Choose ProSmiles For General Dentistry?

  • One-Stop Dental Shop for the Whole Family
  • Flexible Scheduling Including Weekend Hours
  • Most Insurances & Medicaid/CHIP Accepted

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Anyone who is old enough to have teeth should receive at least two checkups and cleanings every year. During these visits, we can remove the plaque and tartar that have built up over time. The bacteria in these substances can cause cavities if they’re not removed quickly enough. These checkups also give us a chance to check for cavities and other oral health problems that have already occurred so that we can take care of them long before they start causing serious problems. Afterward, we can make a few suggestions for your home care regimen so that you can take care of these potential problems long before they start.

Adult Dentistry

We’re always happy to have the chance to help young smiles grow and develop safely, but we’re also well-equipped to address the various needs of adult patients. Some patients might only need basic preventive care while others need complex restorations. We can even help those who are only looking to make a few cosmetic improvements. Our skilled dentists and our state-of-the-art technology allow us to offer truly advanced, modern dental solutions that everyone can afford.

Oral Cancer Screening

Of the tens of thousands of people who are diagnosed with oral cancer every year, you may be surprised to learn that roughly a quarter of them do not use tobacco or engage in other risky behaviors. The takeaway is that virtually everyone has the potential to develop oral cancer, which is why you need to be alert; your odds of survival will significantly improve if the disease is caught as early as possible. An oral cancer screening is a routine part of any checkup; during our examination, we can look for signs of cancerous or precancerous tissue. If necessary, we can make the appropriate arrangements for a biopsy.

Nightguards For Teeth Grinding

Have you been wondering why your jaw hurts every morning or why your teeth look a lot flatter than they used to? Many people – especially those who regularly deal with stress – grind their teeth while they sleep. This condition, called bruxism, results in more severe damage to the teeth over time. A nightguard provided by our team can protect the teeth from rubbing directly against each other while you sleep, thus preventing the worst side effects of bruxism over the long term. Your oral appliance will be customized just for you.

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