Southfork Ranch

The Plano, Texas-based Southfork Ranch is best known for serving as the iconic backdrop for the hit television series “Dallas.” The expansive estate has captured the attention and imagination of viewers all over the world, luring them to the Ewing family home to take in its allure.

Southfork Ranch was first created in 1970 by Joe and Shirley Fields as a tranquil weekend getaway for the couple and their family. But it didn’t take long for “Dallas” creators to notice the property and realize that it might make the ideal backdrop for their popular television series.

From the moment “Dallas” debuted in 1978 until today, Southfork Ranch has been associated with the setting. Fans eagerly awaited glimpses of the iconic ranch and its opulent interiors as they tuned in each week to catch up on the most recent dramas and scandals involving the Ewing family.

Southfork Ranch’s notoriety increased along with the show’s popularity. Fans from all over the world flocked to the location to visit J.R., Bobby, and the rest of the Ewing family’s home. Visitors could take a look around the property, tour the famous mansion, and even shop for trinkets in the gift shop there.

Southfork Ranch is still a well-liked Texas tourist attraction today. Visitors can experience the glitz and excitement of the “Dallas” era thanks to the property’s meticulous preservation and restoration.

The mansion itself is one of Southfork Ranch’s most well-liked attractions. The iconic home’s interiors, which have been painstakingly restored to their 1980s radiance, are open for tours by visitors. Crystal chandeliers, elegant furniture, and elaborate woodwork are just a few of the mansion’s opulent amenities.

The living room, dining room, and J.R.’s private office are just a few of the mansion’s most well-known spaces that fans of the show will undoubtedly recognize. Even the famous Ewing family dining table, where numerous iconic TV moments took place, is available for visitors to sit at.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of other attractions and activities at Southfork Ranch in addition to the mansion. A “Dallas” history museum, as well as a collection of memorabilia and set decorations, are located on the property.

The ranch’s expansive grounds, which offer a variety of outdoor activities and attractions, are also open to visitors. On the property, there are a number of walking trails and a pond with catch-and-release fish.

Southfork Ranch provides a variety of lodging options for those looking to spend the night, including rooms in the mansion itself as well as independent cottages and cabins. Along with access to the many outdoor activities offered by the property, guests can take advantage of opulent extras like hot tubs, fireplaces, and private balconies.

Despite its notoriety and ubiquity, Southfork Ranch is still a family-run enterprise. The ranch’s day-to-day operations are still managed by the Fields family, who built it originally, ensuring that the place is kept as a lovingly preserved piece of Texas history.

In general, Southfork Ranch is a must-visit location for “Dallas” fans and anyone else interested in experiencing a bit of Texas hospitality and history. The property is a true gem of the Lone Star State thanks to its opulent interiors, gorgeous grounds, and fascinating history.

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