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Teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, yet there are many reasons why you might lose them, such as untreated decay or a sudden accident. No matter what the cause, a lost tooth can impair your oral health, take a toll on your self-confidence, and diminish your ability to speak, chew, and smile. Our team at ProSmiles has many options to replace missing teeth in our Fort Worth, TX dental office all at once with beautiful, long-lasting restorations that blend right in with the rest of your mouth. As a result, your new smile will be as dazzling as it is comfortable and durable.

Why Choose ProSmiles For Tooth Replacement?

  • Complete Dental Implant Care In-House
  • Partnered with High-Quality Dental Labs
  • Multiple Dentists, One Convenient Location

What Happens If I Do Nothing?

At first, a single gap in your smile might seem like a problem that can be easily worked around. Some patients are tempted to ignore tooth loss, especially if the gap is hidden from most people. However, the exposed gum tissue will be more vulnerable to infection, and the underlying jawbone will start to break down; this in turn weakens the base supporting nearby teeth, causing them to become loose and unstable. In other words, even one lost tooth could lead to even more missing teeth unless you take the necessary steps to fill in the gap ahead of time.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge connects two of your natural teeth to fill in the gap between them. The restoration itself is made from several prosthetic teeth and a pair of dental crowns. The crowns are used to anchor the bridge to the natural teeth so that the rest of the bridge stays in place. We can use this type of restoration to replace up to four teeth in a row. A bridge can be attached to dental implants to make them more stable and durable.


With dentures, it’s possible to replace an entire arch of teeth at once. The base is made out of a gum-colored acrylic material while the teeth are made out of ceramic that has been carefully shaded based on the rest of your face and mouth. We can carefully shape dentures so that they fit comfortably inside your mouth and stay in place. You can also get partial dentures, which are useful for filling in the gaps in your smile while you have plenty of healthy teeth still intact.

Dental Implants

One of the key traits of the teeth that gives them their strength is that they have anchored directly into the jawbone thanks to their sturdy roots. Most forms of tooth replacement do nothing to address the lack of roots, and as a result, your new smile won’t be as stable as your original one. With dental implants, though, we can give your new teeth artificial roots to hold them in place, improving their chewing power and keeping them in place at all times. The implants also stimulate the jawbone to keep it healthy and intact.

Bone Grafting

Without a sufficient level of bone, your jaw won’t be able to support dental implants. This can be an issue since the jawbone will naturally start to atrophy after a tooth is lost. To rebuild the jaw in areas that have already started to break down, bone grafting is highly recommended before implant placement. New bone material is added to the necessary areas; once it has successfully integrated with the rest of the jaw, implants can be placed.

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